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More about K-BID

Here’s what people love about K-BID:

Trust comes first. Trust takes years to build and only seconds to destroy. That’s why we work so hard to remain true to our core values of integrity, quality and transparency. These values influence every business decision made and serve as fundamental requirements for the auctions conducted by K-BID Affiliates.

Easy to use. K-BID’s auction software has been designed with real people in mind. In fact, our users helped shape many of K-BID’s most popular features, including dashboards that make it easy to keep track of items, bids and invoices, and an advanced search function that enables bidders to find the exact items they want within the exact distance they’re willing to travel.

Convenience. K-BID offers anytime/anywhere bidding from a variety of desktop and mobile devices.

Peace of mind. Mandatory inspection periods for each auction give bidders the assurance that only physical review can provide, and with full disclosure a requirement, all K-BID affiliates work hard to provide realistic photos and detailed descriptions of all items.

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