Auto Auction Northwood, IA

Auto Auction Northwood, IABuying or selling at an online auto auction has never been easier!

Thought you can only buy or sell collectables, memorabilia, or other trinkets online?  Think again!  Online estate sales are quite common – and we’ve got the experience you need!

Professional Auto Auction Experience

Whether you are a first time buyer or a long time seller, you can count on us to help.  Our team is committed to providing honest and trustworthy auctions.  You’ll find our team is friendly, and our reputation is solid, with many happy buyers and sellers.

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More Information About Auto Auctions

If you’ve never done it before, buying or selling at an online auction is pretty simple!

We’ve had many auctions online.  We’ve auctioned everything from comic books to mansions, and find that we deal with many of the same questions from buyers and sellers alike.  We’ve listed the two most common questions below.  If you have any other questions, we are happy to answer them.  Just contact us – we are here for you!

Inspection Times

There is always a time when prospective bidders can some inspect items before they bid.  Each auction has a scheduled inspection date and time or allows you to make an appointment.  A bidder will want to take advantage of these days to make sure it is exactly what you are looking for.  We do our best to accurately describe and photograph, but all estate sales are as-is and where-is.

No Bid-Sniping!

No sniping is allowed! Every listing is extended into a 3 minute overtime after the last bid has been placed.   As a bidder, you want to make sure you are using the refresh button to get the most accurate status of an item!  As a seller, this is when you are the most anxious!  This no-sniping rule ensures nobody can steal an item in the last seconds, and that it’s a fair auction for everyone.

Auto Auction Northwood, IA

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