Affiliate ProgramMake more money – start your own online auction company!

We make it easy for you.  We’ve teamed up with K-BID for a proven and easy turn-key solution to start your own online auction company!

You’ll be able to immediately tap into over 185,000 registered bidders (and growing daily!) who are buying from our online auctions each and every day!

How does it work?

We have over 15 years, and is a master affiliate of K-BID (the Midwest’s largest online auction software company).  They recruit, train and mentor new affiliates to become successful with their own online auctions.

Why online auctions?  Online Auctions is a big and growing industry.  You’re probably well aware of eBay and Amazon and the huge success that they’ve created.  But this isn’t exactly the same.

Our online auctions are the modern equivalent to an “Estate Sale” or “Going Out of Business Sale”.  Whereas before these events would happen on location, now they are sold via an online auction!

The general trend is moving online.  In the Twin Cities, where K-BID is located, 80% of the auctions are now online. In Chicago, where the trend is just started, only 20% of the auctions are online.  As this trend spreads it presents a great opportunity to start your own online auction company!

Examples of customers and what is sold at an online auction;

  • Going Out of Business – selling assets, inventory, and equipment before shutting down.
  • Estate Sale – selling all assets and possessions before listing the home on the market.
  • Surplus Sale – selling excess inventory or other assets to free up some cash.
  • Non Profits– such as Salvation Armies, who sell donated vehicles every six weeks.
  • Government – public agencies or  departments that need to liquidate assets.

So if you’ve been considering starting a business – why not consider online auctions?

If you’d like more information, or to discuss our Affiliate program further, just contact us!

Affiliate Program

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